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about us

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Your trusted partner for heating, air conditioning,
and plumbing.


who are we?

Swanson Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing is owned family business. We have serviced the State of NM for the past 16yrs, providing honest and fair services for our community. Our mission, to provide honest and professional plumbing, heating and cooling services; addressing what can be maintained and what should be replaced. As a company, we find that it is better service for our customers to offer repairs and replacements of broken or deteriorated systems, rather than offering Band-Aids for a larger issue. We care about our customers and community, knowing that our purpose is to serve them.

About the founder

Sky was born here in New Mexico, growing up both in town and on a farm. Growing up on a farm, he learned how to install water wells and was involved in building trade at an early age. Sky went to school for Architecture and Engineering at UNM and answered phones for a plumbing company while he was attending classes. He quickly saw the opportunity within the trades to provide for himself and changed his career path towards the trades. Sky has been working in the trades for the last 19 yrs and is a licensed contractor here in New Mexico and the state of Texas.  He holds licenses for plumbing, gas, heating, and air conditioning and process piping along with a list of certifications that allow him to service all of the aspects of your home or business.  

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our core values 



to our customers and employees. 



finding better ways to solve old problems.

Indomitable spirit


never letting a challenge go unsolved. 



to professional and personal improvement.



to do the right things, because the right way isn’t always easy.

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Book our expert services and eliminate possible malfunctions.

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