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Expertise-Based Leak Detection Services in Albuquerque & Across New MexicO


We’ll inspect your property and pinpoint your leak promptly and efficiently.

Swanson Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing of New Mexico specializes in performing professional and in-depth leak detection services. We do our part in ensuring your property is free of leaks and safe from excessive water damage that can be harmful to your property’s structural integrity and your health. Our company gives you peace of mind in case of an emergency.

Comprehensive & precise services at your fingertips

We’re your reputable experts for comprehensive leak inspection and accurate leak detection in Albuquerque and other nearby areas, including Santa Fe, Corrales, Placitas, and Rio Rancho. With almost 20 years of experience, we’ve gained the knowledge and expertise to perform a thorough examination of your property and pinpoint the leak with exceptional precision. Our technicians are well-versed in using modern tools, including thermal imaging equipment, and advanced techniques to ensure swift detection and prevention of serious issues.

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Partner with us & enjoy significant perks

Our company is here to perform thorough leak inspection and detection and accurately locate the leak in your property in Albuquerque or the nearby communities of Rio Rancho, Corrales, Santa Fe, and Placitas. We employ a comprehensive approach that ensures these advantages:

Years of experience

Emergency response

Advanced equipment

Skills & qualifications

We have almost 20 years of experience performing detail-oriented leak detections that pinpoint leaks and serve as a strong basis for expert repair. 

You can count on us to help you whenever you suspect a leak in your property. Our 24/7 emergency response ensures we’re there to help you whenever you’re in need. 

We use cutting-edge thermal imaging equipment and non-invasive methods to accurately locate your leak as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Our technicians have the skills and the know-how to use advanced tools, equipment, and techniques to detect all leaks in your property efficiently and professionally. 

What our leak detection in Albuquerque & the area provides

We’re your go-to company that will thoroughly inspect your property and locate the precise spot of your leak. We’ve adopted a full-service approach that includes the following: 


Fast emergency service


In-depth consultation


Detailed property inspection


Advanced tools & methods


Thermal imaging equipment


Expert leak detection


Non-invasive methods


Personalized approach


Transparent pricing

Experienced professionals for a higher quality of service

Our staff specializes in using cutting-edge detection equipment to locate hidden underground leaks and prepare the area for full-service repairs and restoration. They will determine the severity of the leak and create the most suitable and effective solution for your problem. What’s more, we offer an emergency assistance service that ensures you’re free to contact us 24 hours a day in case you need assistance. Whether your property is located in Downtown Albuquerque or Huning Highlands, our team can offer professional leak repair services, efficient slab leak inspection and repair, and expert drain unclogging services, as well as a range of other services.


See what our previous clients have to say

Great service. Sky came immediately to my office complex to help fix a leak on a hot water heater.  The issue was fixed and my tenants were back to doing business in no time.  Kindest most trust wothy person to do business with
- Jayme Mhoon Sandia Properties
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Hire the leaders in leak detection and inspection

Contact us today and hire our comprehensive and accurate leak detection. Our professionals will arrive at your address, perform a thorough inspection, and pinpoint your leak. Book now!

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